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18-Aug-2017 15:40

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I'm reading a newsletter about import games, aren't I?A brief warning that the pages ahead contain 'Nudity', 'Strong sexual content' and 'Explicit pictures' confirm that we're in the right place.

There are currently some 50-odd titles available in translation at the moment. Picking titles at random demonstrates pretty clearly that even this limited selection of hentai games caters to the broadest extremes of sexual proclivity: there's transexuality (Yin-Yang - X-Change Alternative); gothic horror (Animamundi - Dark Alchemist); historical romance (Enzai - Falsely Accused); human sacrifice (Bible Black: The Game); submission (Absolute Obedience - Zettai Fukuju Meirei); mild incest (Hitomi - My Stepsister) and much, much more.

Jealousies and romantic triangles crop up if more than one NPC has an eye on you, but if you keep missing your chances or behaving offensively, the relationship fizzles.

The flirting technique still has several shortcomings.

As a gameplay mechanic, flirting is more complicated, more engaging and far more suspenseful than an outright "save the princess" romance - and some players fall deeply under its sway. All of the NPCs who follow you through the game engage you in conversation to further the plot, or discuss tactics, or simply to swap backstories with you.

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But once in a while, you'll find a character - mostly, but not always, of the opposite gender - who starts flirting with you, whether it's Carth, who treats female characters to his awkward advances.

What a brilliant sales pitch: "Feeling lonely and bored? Now, Play-Asia is making them easily available to us European lot. Is there any more to this heady blend of anime, videogames and porn than antique game mechanics and mildly titillating drawings? The first part of our research took us to Play-Asia's selection of Hentai Games.

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