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03-Aug-2017 23:44

Avoid becoming a victim of a wire transfer scam by following a few basic tenets: Most reputable online providers will have up to date security measures in place to make sure your data and information is secure when sending an international money transfer.

Many will have dedicated email addresses or customer service phone lines to receive tips on potential scams.

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If you were emailed a photo, consider using a reverse photo search to see if you can confirm the name you’ve been given. Again, a clear sign that you’re dealing with a scammer.Unbelievably, they’ll find a way even when the tables are turned.You may have gotten a reply to your online auction with a check that’s for more than your item — with simple request for you to wire back the difference.Before you know it, they’re gone — along with your money.

You should never have to pay up front to receive a prize or lottery winnings. But if you’re curious, research the organization or company from which you’ve received your letter to see what others have to say. You get a letter that you’re guaranteed approval for a loan or credit card.Here, we look at some of the most common online wire scams so that you can know what to look for and avoid being a victim.

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