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The game is played by first introducing the central character.

Three contestants are then introduced, each accompanied by three pieces of baggage: a small one, a medium one, and a large one, with each one containing a corresponding secret.

GSN announced plans to order twenty episodes of a traveling version of the series. Despite earning respectable ratings by GSN's standards, Baggage received mixed critical reviews.

The spin-off, entitled Baggage on the Road, follows an identical format to its predecessor while traveling to tape episodes in various U.

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After the three other contestants are introduced, they each open the smallest piece of baggage, and explain the secrets they contain.The main contestant chooses the piece of baggage which is the "deal breaker" (i.e., the one secret that they cannot accept).After stating this, the contestants then return to the other side of the stage and reveal which suitcase belongs to them.Please be advised that if we are unable to collect payment at this time, your order will automatically be cancelled and, unfortunately we will not be able to reinstate nor update and/or revise credit card information through our website.

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