Modeling and validating distributed embedded real time systems with vdm dating matrimonial

08-Aug-2017 23:23

The corresponding continuous time model is available through the first author.

This example is used in the guidelines for developing distributed real time systems using the VICE extension to VDM .

This was the first model Marcel Verhoef tried to make of the car radio navigation example using the original version of VICE with one CPU.

This failed and as a consequence Marcel Verhoef and Peter Gorm Larsen came up with an improved version of VDM-RT with multiple CPUs connected with BUSses.

The complexity of real-time embedded systems is increasing, for example due to the use of distributed architectures.

A constructive operational semantics is defined formal semantics, which is not specific to VDM, is presented in this paper.

This example is created by Augusto Ribeiro illustrating different concepts in VDM for teaching purposes including the distributed real time features in VDM-RT.

It reflects the status of the model which is mentioned in the paper A Formal Approach to Collaborative Modelling and Co-simulation for Embedded Systems which is submitted to the Journal Mathematical Structures in Computer Science.

The approach has been realised using the Vienna Development Method (VDM) as the discrete-event formalism, and 20-sim as the continuous-time framework, and has been applied successfully to a case study based on the distributed controller for a personal transporter device.

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