Norton not updating

14-Dec-2017 12:46

If the date on the "Last Proudct Update" still hasn't changed, then this is just a bug in the Live Update logging & display of the "Last Product Update".If the display changes, then there is an issue with running the scheduled Live Update task on your computer, and we'll need to get more information. I noticed it was not updating about a week or so ago.I have just upgraded from Norton Security Deluxe to Norton Security Premium.I have transferred the new product key over so I don't lose my remaining days and updated the software (still have the Android devices to do but I have to uninstall then reinstall them).

And yet, we're receiving messages from users who said that, after removing and reinstalling NIS 2015 on their computers, the patch is automatically reapplied and Internet Explorer once again stops working.This team of people is the backbone of our security technology and responds instantly to threats and implement real time updates to your devices to thwart threats as they happen.Symantec’s Security Technology and Response team innovates and develops Norton’s security technologies that provide protection to your devices in five layers: file based (antivirus), network based (firewall), behavior (SONAR), reputation, and remediation.Is this a bug, or does this indicate that my product is not updating properly? I manually downloaded and ran the latest NAV 11 definitions from the Symantec website, but the date still didn't budge. This sounds like it might be an issue with the Live Update log not updating.

If you are certain Live Update has downloaded & installed new definitions, then the log file might not be updating to reflect that.The services section shows my new product with 2 of the 10 seats taken by the PCs that had the new product key entered into but the same ones that cannot be updated in the device section. I just tried to access my account on the Manage site, and my device info is not available at this time.

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