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Women are also more frequent users of the telephone (Walker, 1994) and heavier users of email (Boneva, Kraut & Frohlich, 2001).

But does it follow that adolescent girls are more likely to be heavy IM users than adolescent boys?

I feel IM without contact is just rude and the person is just looking for sex.

When I instant message someone, I'm just looking to strike up a good conversation.

Yet even as IM has become mired in the life of the American teenager (Guidry, 2004) many unanswered questions related to gender and time use remain.

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In clear sight of her parents and siblings, her conversational content and time usage are subject to constant scrutiny and review.Parents, by definition, are not included in this private space, thus it becomes difficult to determine just how much time their teens are spending on IM.Subrahmanyam, Kraut, Greenfield, and Gross (2000) have shown that most parents believe that purchasing a computer for their teen will give them an educational advantage, but if teens are multitasking between homework and IM, or remaining online IMing with friends long after their parents have gone to bed, this advantage will quickly disappear.I'd like the instant messanger if I have an idea on who it might be messageing me.

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I hate that suprised feeling or seeing a window pop up interupting my vision, only find out there is a 19 yr old on the other end asking me "wuzup? Try to email the person first, after a bit if he or she responds like he or she is interested, then ask if it is ok to instant message. There was a time when I enjoyed playing around with chatroom scripts(programs) and chatroom bots. understand if someone is showing active on IM they might be talking to someone other than you, so you might ask if they are busy Best thing to do is like ladydi said in the second post to this thread, let people get to know you first, either through the forums, or e-mail before trying to IM.I have experience in this as a chatroom moderator and with 5 full messenger lists here are the things that bother most people in chatrooms/instantmessage.1. You will be suprised how much you can learn about someone from their posts, and from how much you will reveal about yourself.