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12-Jul-2017 12:07

Methamphetamine (also known as crystal meth): A Class A amphetamine which makes users feel exhilerated and energised.It's very addictive, and some research suggests it can cause brain damage over time.Strictly speaking, chemsex refers to gay or bisexual men using drugs to facilitate sex with other men.Culturally, though, it has become a catch-all term for sex involving drugs and "chemsex parties", where groups of gay and bisexual men meet up, get high, and have sex with one another.Moral panics often focus around drug use and non-traditional sexualities, so it's tempting to dismiss the scaremongering around chemsex as precisely that.Reporting on the issue is often muddled and panicky - the called a chemsex party attendee a "survivor", as those most don't make it out alive.Yet more nuanced warnings about chemsex are coming from within the LGBT community itself, and health and public health experts who have first hand knowledge of chemsex's effects.The British Medical Journal, for example, issued a health warning in 2015 as a result of the "small but important" uptick of patients with psychological and physiological dependence on chemsex drugs.

They can be very dangerous when mixed with depressants, including alcohol - it's likely that this combination caused Jiminez's death.Alex Klineberg, a journalist who has attended chemsex parties and has written about the phenomenon, told the It starts with a bunch of guys in their underwear getting high, and as they get more and more high, they lose their inhibitions.You can find yourself having multiple partners and going for a long period of time…Those looking for it will include "chemsex", "chemfun", "party and play" or "P&P" in their profile.

In the UK at least, research suggests that chemsex usually involves one (or a mixture) of the following drugs: Mephedrone (also known as m-cat or meow meow): This was previously a "legal high" but is now a class B drug.It is similar to an amphetamine, and makes users feel euphoric and affectionate.

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