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25-Dec-2017 21:46

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There are numerous locks, not just 's monitor lock, but also many other internal classes, that make it easy to accidentally trigger a deadlock today. The original change also led to some cryptic test failures thanks to our extensive randomized tests, which we are working through for 7.0.That complex concurrency unfortunately prevented me from making the final step of deletes and updates fully concurent: writing the new segment files.Item Counter.count(Item Counter.java:176) at org.dspace.browse. Item Counter.build Item Counts(Item Counter.java:90) at org.dspace.browse.Item Counter.main(Item Counter.java:57) at sun.reflect. Native Method Accessor Impl.invoke0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.Performing lookups in batches gains some efficiency because we sort the terms in unicode order so we can do a single sequential scan through each segment's terms dictionary and postings.

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The procedure for changing the default backend to Lucene is documented here: https://wiki.duraspace.org/pages/viewpage.action?Background: Default item counter backend changed from DB to Solr in 4.0.Problem B: index-init/index-update now throws the following message:$ /dspace/bin/dspace index-init Started: 1384372703082Ended: 1384372747679Elapsed time: 44 secs (44597 msecs)Exception: Caching is not supported by the Item Count DAOSolr as it is not really needed, Solr is faster! Item Count Exception: Caching is not supported by the Item Count DAOSolr as it is not really needed, Solr is faster! Item Count DAOSolr.community Count(Item Count DAOSolr.java:82) at org.dspace.browse.Our fast Block Tree terms dictionary can sometimes save a disk seek for each segment if it can tell from the finite state transducer terms index that the requested term cannot possibly exist in this segment.

Still, as fast as we have made this code, only one thread is allowed to run it at a time, and for update-heavy workloads, that one thread can become a major bottleneck.Problem: No single option specifies which index is the default. It also declares the "index" (or index-init/index-update) as the recommended indexing command regardless of the configured backend; if we decide to change backend again in the future, this command should seamlessly work with the new default.

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