Updating php on windows

20-Jul-2017 17:36

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Once the PHP Manager module for IIS is installed on the server, you should be prompted to install a new assembly when you log into your site via IIS Manager.

In the first section of information make SURE that the item labeled 'Loaded Configuration File' is pointing to 'd:\winids\php\php.ini' (less the outside quotes).

In the section labeled 'Configuration - PHP Core' (less the outside quotes) make SURE that the item labeled 'extension_dir' is pointing to 'd:\winids\php\ext' (less the outside quotes) in columns 'Local Values' (less the outside quotes) and 'Master Values' (less the outside quotes).I encourage you to perform some post-installation tasks if still needed to get a fully production-ready Windows Intrusion Detection System (Win IDS).

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