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28-Dec-2017 01:40

You should take care before giving out information in chatrooms.Never give your address or phone number to someone you just met online.Dress up your 3D avatar for online chat in your own 3D chat rooms in the virtual world.Furnish your virtual 3D rooms, decorate with your pictures - with Webcam, voice, full control.For instance it allows the user to generate an avatar of themselves and style the features of it such as the looks and feel and facial features. Animate any person, animal, or illustration with Live!Although many consider this type of software that is pre-installed bloatware, for those that like the feature can safely keep it installed without effecting the performance of the user's PC. Cam Avatar Creator's easy-to-use professional editing tools. Match & meet friends for 3D chat with Romance, flirt, hugs, kisses and more...In your own home it is your free decision about virtuality and making it real. You are creating this revolutionary 3D world on your own PC - always available to you.

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In the Smeet online world there are many different chat rooms all in 3D.

Find friends from all over the world and fall in love - "Anything goes".