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There are certain things that cut right to the bone, but as an actor you have to because you get turned down for things all the time.actor picked up the Best Male Newcomer award, along with co-star Daisy Ridley, who won the Best Female Newcomer award. You go up to the North of England and come back to find you’ve been replaced by someone else, so you have to be vigilant and very aggressive.” moves very quickly. BROWN: Do you think it’s more self-serving than it is brotherly love? I thought the entire series would cover a few years at most and then within the first few episodes, you already have all of these children. Towards the end, one of them was older than I was in real life. IRONS: No, I think there was a bit of brotherly love, but I think everything has a motive when you’re king. BROWN: Would you have done if you knew your character was not going to die? I was supposed to go up for something recently that was a six-year commitment, and I didn’t want to do it. This is far more fun than anything else I’ve been doing at school. In fact, when I met Kit Harington first, he was pretty much feeling how I’m feeling today—at a photo shoot and you’ve had no sleep. I want to stick with it.”BROWN: You weren’t in a nativity play when you were four? So yeah, it never really works in your favor—even in this industry. He was just a really nice, English, down-to-earth guy. BROWN: He told me an endearing story about how he didn’t realize his name was actually Christopher until he was 12. Well, I couldn’t spell my name until I was eight—my second name. “It was, but then within 10 minutes I thought, ‘No, they’re good people,’ which is nice,” he confides.

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He also modeled for Macy for their Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Irons debuted with 2004 drama film Being Julia for his role as curtain call boy.

IRONS: It fucking was, considering I was the only white guy, tall and lanky, and didn’t speak their language.